110 Guarantee Street | Petersburg, VA | 23803 | 804-586-1633

110 Guarantee Street | Petersburg, VA | 23803 | 804-586-1633

110 Guarantee Street | Petersburg, VA | 23803 | 804-586-1633 110 Guarantee Street | Petersburg, VA | 23803 | 804-586-1633

Our Mission

Petersburg Pickers is an Estate Liquidation Company.  Our staff picks only the highest quality, most unusual, very fashionable, incredibly desirable merchandise possible from homes and individuals.  We take great pride in our appearance and try our best to give you a clean, climate controlled, well lit, organized shopping environment with easy (handicap) access, free parking, complimentary coffee, and public restrooms. 


For nearly 3 decades, Kimberly Ann has been a trend-setter in the resale business, having seamlessly navigated through 7 name-changes, many temporary locations, 7 brick and mortar location-changes, and one divorce.  Her philosophy of ever-changing, ever-moving, ever-rearranging, ever-risk taking, ever-working until the job is done, and ever-trying to please the customer, has enabled her to survive and thrive in the ever-volatile world of retail. 

We do not accept donations as we are a for profit retail business with the primary goal of seeking out great picks, so you don’t have to go the trouble of finding things.  We not only select our merchandise, we usually have to drive to go get it, then pick it out, pay for it, pack it up, load it up, unload it, unpack it, clean it (at least knock the grime off), price it (including a description), display it, photograph it, email and post it on social media, sell it and then start over. Trained at Miller & Rhoads, Kimberly remembers the good old days of shopping in a beautiful environment, with helpful salespeople, and quality merchandise that was priced fairly and sold quickly.  

Ever-sickened by the SALE, SALE, SALE mentality Kimberly Ann has watched shopping become sloppy, gimmicky, often dangerous, and downright ridiculous. What happened to simply paying a fair price? Remember when things only went on sale to clear out stagnant inventory…like AFTER the season was over? We have become a society of being tricked into thinking we’re getting a deal instead of getting great value and fabulous customer service. Folks, we are smarter than that and we deserve better.  


Well guess what?

Petersburg Pickers is once again setting a new trend. 

  • No more dumb sales. 
  • No more waiting in long, slow moving lines. 
  • No more waiting for things to be marked down. 
  • And no more trying to figure out weird discounts and percentages off. 

You asked for it:

Quality shopping that’s cheap, easy, and enjoyable!

  • Low prices – like old sale prices
  • No regular markdowns
  • Better merchandise
  • Better customer service


We promise to give you the best shopping experience possible! 

We are always open every Friday & Saturday from 10- 5, but slide in special days every now and then depending on factors like the weather and holidays. It’s very difficult to be open more than our every Friday & Saturday schedule, as not only do we have to perform the above tasks in-between sales, we also need some time off to recharge.

We are so grateful to the many of you who have supported Kimberly Ann’s endeavors for nearly three decades and to those of you who will become part of our herd of wonderful customers.  We thank you all for helping us maintain an ever-growing, hopefully not changing or moving again, and fun-filled business.