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Antiques To Accentuate Today's Styles

Ridiculous Amounts of Fabulous Merchandise!


Open Friday & Saturday August 23rd & 24th - 9 to 5

Introducing our New Clothing Boutique!

Fun, Funky Fashions to Spice Up Your Wardrobe!




  • Furniture - Places to set your things and yourself
  • Collectibles - Finds from bygone days that still have purpose
  • Antiques - We've got a bunch, including the owner
  • Clothing & Accessories - From the closets of fashionistas
  • Jewelry - Estate, costume & current - Plus loaded Goodie Bags for those who can't get enough!
  • Mirrors - You can look at your beautiful self the whole time you're shopping!
  • Glassware - Selections you'll actually use
  • Books - Even if you don't read, they make you look smart
  • Pottery - Useful and beautiful
  • Art - Framed so you don't have to
  • Christmas Decor - Good stuff. Might make you actually want to decorate this year and all ornaments are $3 each!
  • Architectural Salvage - Makes you want to build something...We did! A new dressing room from doors!
  • Yard Art - Add flair to your flowers
  • Trunks & Luggage - Perfect for extra storage
  • Kitchenalia - A fancy word for people who aspire to look like they cook
  • Lamps & Lighting - So you won't be in the dark

Stuff You'll LOVE:

  • Wedgwood Jashperware
  • Lladros
  • Belleek
  • Swarovski Miniatures
  • Costume Estate Jewelry
  • Kate Spade & Designer Bags
  • Fur Coats
  • Chrome 1950's Style Tables
  • Vintage Salt & Pepper Sets
  • Primitive Pie Safe
  • Vintage Cider Press
  • Red Duncan Phyfe Sofa
  • Oak Clawfoot Banquet Table
  • Antique Baskets
  • Crocks
  • Art Pottery
  • Red 1930's French Sofa
  • Set of 8 Pennsylvania House Dining Chairs
  • Dough Bowl
  • Vintage Perfume Bottles
  • Rolling & Pig Pins
  • Pair Mod Red Bar Chairs
  • Antique Napkin Rings
  • Salt Cellars, Shakers & Spoons
  • Lance Jar
  • Old Store Cookie Jar
  • Cast Iron
  • Child's Primitive Rocker
  • Mid-Century Clock, Towel Rack
  • Vintage Cookie & Biscuit Cutters
  • Vintage Kitchen Utensils
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Mirrored Plateaus
  • Vintage Blocks
  • Spongeware
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Doll Trunk
  • 1920's Pole Lamp
  • Advertising Thimbles
  • Vintage Blocks
  • Oil  Lamps
  • Ornate Frames & Mirrors
  • Quilts
  • Crewel Pillows & Kits
  • Needlepoint Pillows
  • Bakelite Bracelets
  • Marble Top Tables
  • Buckingham, VA Memorabilia
  • Cane Bottom Chairs
  • Martha Washington Arm Chair
  • Empire Side Table
  • Statuary
  • Tufted Slipper Chair
  • Cast Iron Kettles 
  • Vintage Aprons
  • Stools & Footstools
  • VA Metalcrafters
  •  Flower Frogs, Planters & Garden Club Containers 
  •  Vintage Spring Tooth Harrow 
  • 1930's Washing Machine
  • Concrete Donkey with Cart
  • Vintage Floor Fan
  • Concrete Parrot
  • Outdoor Lighthouse
  • Sewing Machine Base Table
  • Small Accent Tables
  • Designer Clothing, Shoes & Handbags
  • Garden Statuary
  • Paperweights
  • Bull Horns
  • Vintage Suitcases
  • Vintage Boxes & Crates
  • Antique Bottles
  • Arrowheads & Indian Rocks
  • Vintage "Slow Children Playing" Sign
  • Brass Wall Sconces
  • Chinoise Bowls, Vases, Decor
  • Crystal & Silver
  • Paintings & Prints
  • Portrait of a Beautiful Woman
  • Glass Floats
  • Nautical Paintings
  • Vintage Projectors
  • Vintage Playing Cards
  • Sterling Silver
  • Antique Child's Wheel Barrow
  • Vintage Records
  • Cast Iron Farm Bell
  • Le Corbusier Chaise
  • Cake Stands
  • Wooden Golf Clubs
  • Sterling Silver Framed Ships

  • MUCH, MUCH MORE - Look at the photos...No one reads lists!

So Much for our Sleek New Look...Shop is PACKED!

Antiques & Collectibles, Home Decor, Designer Fashions, Furniture, Jewelry & More!

Buying & Consigning One Piece or an Entire Estate!

All Christmas Ornaments $3 Each! We Have Thousands from Today & Yesteryear!

The More We Sell, The More We Restock!

Need to make room for incoming merchandise! No one likes a stale store! We are not a museum!

Bring in your items for us to buy or consign anytime during the appointment necessary!

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We Buy Most Anything a Goat (with great taste) Would Eat!

Whether downsizing, moving or just cleaning out, we can help you  turn your unwanted treasures into cash. 

Simply bring items to us anytime we're open (Fridays & Saturdays from 9am to 5pm - Please arrive no later than  4pm so we may have time to sort through your stash.) NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!

Don't want to needlessly bring things we may not be able to sell? Simply:

Text photos for our consideration to: 


Or Email photos to:

Got enough to fill a truck or van?

We'll be happy to come out and pick, once you've sent us photos!


GOAT GUARANTEE - Generous Offers Always Taken!

Generous Offers Always Taken on Regular Priced Merchandise... We're All About the G-O-A-T!

We can't always have sales, but we can always listen to YOU. If you really, really desire a certain item, kindly make an offer & we'll listen!  We may counter, but if you're fair or we can reach common ground, your item is SOLD!

G - Generous

O - Offers

A - Always

T - Taken


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