Petersburg Pickers

110 Guarantee Street | Petersburg, VA | 23803 | 804-586-1633 antiques home decor

NEXT SALE MAY 31st & JUNE 1st...OPA! We're doing things GREEK STYLE!

In honor of the Richmond Greek Festival, We'll be Partying at the Pickers!

An Epic Way to Honor the Owner's Heretige - 50% to 70% Off EVERYTHING!

Featuring Gorgeous Items for Decorators, Fashionistas and Collectors

Friday, May 31st, 9am to 5pm

Saturday, June 1st, 9am to 5pm

Up to 70% Off Storewide!


G - Generous
O - Offers
A - Always
T - Taken

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Friday & Saturday- 9am to 5pm

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GOAT GUARANTEE - Generous Offers Always Taken!

Generous Offers Always Taken!

 We can't always have sales, but we can always listen to YOU. If you really, really desire a certain item, kindly make an offer & we'll listen!  We may counter, but if you're fair or we can reach common ground, your item is SOLD!

G - Generous

O - Offers

A - Always

T - Taken



We Buy Most Anything a Goat (with great taste) Would Eat!

Whether downsizing, moving or just cleaning out, we can help you  turn your unwanted treasures into cash. 

Simply bring items to us anytime we're open (Fridays & Saturdays from 9am to 5pm - Please arrive no later than  4pm so we may have time to sort through your stash.) NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!

Don't want to needlessly bring things we may not be able to sell? Simply:

Text photos for our consideration to: 


Or Email photos to:

Got enough to fill a truck or van?

We'll be happy to come out and pick, once you've sent us photos!